European Getaway 17 May


Hey guys , just wondering if theres anyone else doing this trip . Not long now , i leave for the UK in two weeks .


Hi Brendan,[br][br]i am doing a camping tour starting on the 18th May from London to Athens, i am not sure if this is part of your trip or not.[br][br]hope you have a great time thou.[br][br]Cheers[br]Cass


Hey there Cass .[br][br]I dont think thats part of the same trip , Im not sure if we will be going to the same places though , probably :-)[br][br]You have a great trip too , are you in London already ?? i leave NZ on Tuesday 8th May :-)[br][br]Brendan


Hey Brendan,[br][br]is your trip a camping one?[br][br]yeah i have been in London for 3 months now. where r u staying when you first get here? do u know anyone over here?[br][br]i am so excited about my trip. [br][br]Cass


Hey Cass ,[br][br]So hows London ??? Cool ???[br][br]Yeah i have a cousin in London thats gonna meet me at the airport and put me up until the trip . Only three days to go :-)[br][br]Brendan


Wops sorry Cass ,[br] [br]No my trips the hostel one …


hey… i’m going on this trip by myself and just wanted to say hi… i’ll be staying at the globetrotter the night before… sooo if anyone wants to have a drink… that would be cool.[br]about me: 24/m from the US… and i can’t wait for this trip!


hey sumit,[br][br]im staying at the globetrotter wednesday night as well , if i can find my way there :)[br][br]Brendan