European getaway - 17 july 10


I’m 22 year old female from New Zealand. Travelling alone this year to the UK then doing this 20 day tour around Europe. Planning to stay in London and venture around the UK for a bit after the tour. Wondering if anyone else is booked for this one?
Looking forward to the adventure!


Hey Hannah, I am booked on this tour, Im so excited! I too will be travelling on my own from NZ - should be good fun :slight_smile:
How long are you travelling for? I have 5weeks off from work (can’t wait!) to visit friends in London and Scotland and this tour fits in the middle of that :slight_smile:


Hi Steph,
I have 5 weeks off work as well! I’m from Hamilton and too will be visiting friends, i have about 9 days after the tour in the UK (unplanned at this stage) to hang around. I’m scottish too so i defiantly will be heading there.
See ya then.


:o :slight_smile: Thought I would get this thread underway again (not that it really even got started!) seeing as this tour is drawing closer!

I am super excited about my trip, although work is so busy so it is making the days fly by…which is awesome.

Keen to hear from anyone that will be on this tour departing 17 July; I am staying night of the 16th at the Clink hostel, figure it is the easiest way to be up and ready for the early early start so if anyone is around give me a bell !

Steph :slight_smile: