European Getaway 16th Dec


Hi!![br][br]Is anyone doing the 16th Dec European Getaway?


Annnyyyyone?[br][br]Cynthia[br]European Getaway 16th Dec


Hi Winter Girl[br][br]My girlfriend and I will be joining you on the European getaway tour, so there will be at least three of us. [br][br]I’m really looking forward to Christmas in Venice, though I’m not quite sure what that will entail yet.[br][br]Counting down the days![br][br]Cheers[br]Ange


Hey Ange,[br][br]Its great to finally hear from someone else doing this tour! And yep, I’m looking forward to Venice too…and pretty much everywhere else we’re going![br][br]Are you and your girlfriend doing much travelling before and after? I’ll be in London for a few weeks before the tour, so let me know if you guys want to meet up before the 16th :)[br][br]Cynthia


We’re on a bit of a whirlwind tour actually. We’ve got a week in the UK before the tour which is split between seeing my relatives in Durham and Madeleine’s godfather in London. We’ll be in London for about four days before the tour so the possibility to catch up is definitely there.[br][br]


Sounds like you’ll both be busy. I’m sort of in and out of london, but I dont have anything planned for the two days before. [br][br]If you and madeleine do have some time free, you can email me at: c_ganesharajah AT Otherwise I’ll see you the day of the tour! [br][br]Not long to go now - and I leave on sat for london - yay![br][br]Cynthia[br]European Getaway 16th Dec