European Getaway - 16 May 2009 - anyone?


Hi there,[br]Im interested in finding out who else is going on this tour? Im doing it alone so a lil nervous but very excited to see europe and meet people!


YES I AM!!! I’ve been waiting for ages for someone else to say they were going on this trip! I am so excited! I’m travelling alone too. Are you doing any travel before/after this???


am I allowed to poach onto this topic even if I’m doing a different tour but leaving the same day?? I’m doing the trail of berlin. Same trip I think just our tour finishes up in berlin,travelling solo as well,doing 2 nights at the hostel beforehand.


There seems to be alot of tours leaving on the same day. I’m having the night before at Generator but staying elsewhere for a few days before this. I wish it would hurru up and get here. Def want to do some more travelling after the tour


Seems like it’s just gonna be you and me on this trip…Oh Well. I arrive in London on 11th, so will spend the week checking the place out. After the tour I’ve got 3 nights booked at Generator, hoping to have a job our a tour buddy by then. I’m keen to check out Scotland and the rest of what mainland UK has to offer.


Hey :slight_smile: I’m doing the same tour but departing the week before you guys. I’m doing my OE, first time to Europe/UK, traveling alone. Keen to meet people doing their OE, had thought I’d head up into Scotland too depends on where I can find work. Find me on Facebook if you like Serena McLeod[br][br]European Getaway || May 9th


Nice I found some other people on this tour!!! Im flying in the morning before the trip and staying at the generator that night(hopefully)… I will be in london/uk for two weeks after the trip so chrissy and joshna if your gonna be around uk afterwords we should definately explore a lil bit…




Troubling news fellow travellers. Have just done a bit of investigationing and found a rival forum post to ours!!! I was shocked as well… We’ll have to say something controversial so we can sway over the rest of the group. WIll think of a cunning plan shortly…


Hey guys!!! I’m going on the european getaway leaving may 16…so excited! I’ve never been to europe (Im from the US) and I’m going to be traveling alone and want to get to know some people before getting there. So dont be shy!! Facebook me Vicki Mitchell[br][br]See you all in less than month!


Hey Vicki![br]So awesome to hear from other people going on this trip! How long are you staying in UK/Europe for? [br]I am so excited I just wish it would hurry up and get here!


I’m only getting to london the night before the trip and then I am staying in london again for 3 more nights after. What about everyone else??[br][br]European Getaway[br]May 16 2009


Im doing this tour as well - well assuming it’s the same tour as the European Odyssey leaving on 16th May … Im also doing this alone!!Glad to see others are too!


I dont think they are the same tour but who am i to know.[br]so where is this rival post??[br][br]European Getaway[br]May 16 2009


Pretty sure Odyssey and Getaway are two different tours but there are a stack leaving on the same day as ours. The rival post is European Odyssey-16th May. Nothing really interesting there.[br]Vicki are you on any particular network on Facebook? I couldnt find you.[br]You can find me on there Christine Cover from Australia.[br]3 weeks and counting! WOOP WOOP


Hey guys, I’m also going on this tour… by myself… omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’m flying in on the 14th of may and staying at the generator… only 6 days ppl… WHOO HOO![br][br]Sharni :slight_smile:


Can’t believe that we’ll be there next week!! Cant wait to meet everyone and have the greatest time every obviously!!![br][br]European Getaway[br]May 16 2009