European Getaway 16 July-August 4 2011


Anyone else on this trip?

I’m a solo traveller, first time to Europe!

Would be great to meet others on the tour :wink:


Hi, I’m also a solo traveler and booked on this tour. Here is a link to a previous thread but only one person replied so might as well stick with your new one:

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Me and my friend are going, I replied on the previous thread! can’t wait!


Oops didn’t see the previous thread.

Looking forward to meet you guys too! Still early days, but I’m already thinking about what to pack and what to do on the trip, very excited!


me too! I’ve started making lists of things to pack! Are you taking a sleeping bag? not sure whether too as website says different to brochure! :confused:


I’ve been reading the different threads, some said its not necessary, others said youll only need it in a couple places where they don’t have blankets? I’ll see if I can find a smaller one, the one I have is too big! Are you guys staying at the clink hostel the night before?


Hey I am not on your tour but was told from topdeck that for the Euro Club’s unless your going on water aka Sailing you will not need a sleeping bag at all because all the hostels supply blankets


Well i’ll be doing a fair bit of travelling on my own/off tours so I figure personally, better to be safe than sorry. I’d rather lug around a 1kg sleeping bag and find it a slight inconvenience than not have one and really need it.

As for Clink, i’m meeting up with the tour in Paris so i’ll have to wait until then to meet you all face to face.


Thanks Kelsey! I might try and find a lightweight one but if I can’t then I probably won’t bother with one.
Yeah we are staying at the Clink, are you?


Thanks Kelsey! That might save me some space in my bag.

I’m staying at the clink too, maybe we can all meet for a drink :wink:


well our flight doesn’t get in till late so it’ll be about 11.30pm until we arrive but if you are still up and about then definately!!


Good news, i’ve been informed this is a guaranteed departure so there must be quite a few more booked.


Sounds great, hope the others join us in the forum too.


yay! great news!


I am also going on this trip as well.
I emailed Top Deck about needing a sleeping bag on this trip and they replied that I didn’t need one.



Thanks Ben, that’s one thing off my packing list!


Thanks Ben, means more room for shoes :slight_smile: haha!


No worries.

Not long to go now.


I know! Can’t wait!!!


Will anyone be at the Clink before this trip leaves?! I’ll be there 11-14