European Getaway 15th May anyone?


I’m travelling alone, and I can’t wait to see Europe and meet new people! I have to admit to feeling rather nervous tho.[br]Anyone else on this tour?


hmm, so I’m on my own… more room for me then :slight_smile:


hi[br][br]I am going on this trip too and i am so excited. I am traveling alone as well and dont be nervous its going to be a great trip


Yay! I’m excited too! I’m spending some time with family in the UK and arrive on the 2nd May.[br]I’m Hayley and from Canberra, Australia, Great to meet you :sunglasses:


so two weeks and counting!! I am going to be in london a couple days before too, I have some friends that have an apartment there. I think I finally got everything I need for the trip. I have been running aroung like a crazy person.


I’ve been doing the crazy run around too! I have 2 weeks in UK before tour, I leave on Thursday (~36 hours now) Think I am mostly organised, am working on the theory that whatever I have forgotten -short of passport & tickets, I can buy over there!