European Getaway 14th July - 2nd August


I couldn’t find a thread for the European Getaway starting on the 14th of July, so I thought i’d make one.
I’ll be going with a friend, we’re both from Australia and picking up the tour in Paris.
Are any of you guys on here coming too?
I am extremely excited!



Hey Niko,

A friend and I are going on this tour as well :slight_smile:
We are from Queensland and I have found 1 other girl from Sydney who is also on this tour and also another girl from Seattle, Washington.
My friend and I are arriving in London on the 08/07 and we are moving over there on a Working Holiday Visa for 2 years.

We are getting pretty excited! Thought I would reply to this so you know you are not the only one going!! :slight_smile:


Hi guys!
I’m Erin, my partner Chano and I are from the Central Coast of NSW in Australia. We are heading to London 28th June and spending the time before the tour in the UK. We are starting the tour in London on the 14th.
Very excited!
;D ;D