European Getaway 14th July - 02nd August


Hi there, my friend and i are booked onto the 14th july european getaway tour, just wondering how many people are going on this one as well.[br][br]We are both from Newcastle, Aus and are staying at my friends aunties house in west sussex - Angmering (Free rent is great :D) until a couple of days before the tour then we are staying at the generator as its almost an hour and a half train ride from angmering to london victoria and that would make it hard for us to get there on time to meet up with the bus.[br][br]We plan on having a few drinks at some of the pubs etc whilst staying at the generator so anyone keen for some beers/spirits is more than welcome to come pub crawling with us.[br][br]Anyway make a post and lets see how many people are going :)[br][br]Aussie Aussie Aussie!


forgot to put my myspace url in my profile, my names Paul, i’m 25 and my friend Josh is 23 almost 24, he has his birthday on the 22nd of july which is whilst we are on the tour so we must get him maggot! haha[br][br][br]or email[br][br]Aussie Aussie Aussie!


Bump[br][br]Is there not anyone going on this trip? lol[br][br]i can also be contacted on[br][br]Aussie Aussie Aussie!