European Getaway 14th August


Hi, is there anyone else doing this tour? I am from Australia traveling alone.


Hi Becc, [br][br]I’m doing this tour (along with my partner). I can’t wait, we booked at the start of February - so the time has been draaaaging by, almost there now though :o) We fly to London on August 4th.[br]So at this stage its looking like just the three of us lol[br][br]Bron


Anyone else out there doing this tour? Its going to be awful lonely on our bus lol [br][br]B[br][br][br]


it sounds like we’ll have lots of room! [br]I’m arriving in London on the 10th and will stay at Globetrotters for 2 nights before the trip![br][br]


We arrive in London on the 5th, and are staying with a relative - might end up staying at Globetrotters the night before though, much easier then trying to find our way there the morning the trip departs :o)[br][br]Looking forward to meeting everyone (don’t worry, we are not a ‘clingy’ couple, we can actually have fun with other people as well ha-ha)[br][br]Where in Austrlaia are you from? We are in Sydney.