Hiya, just wondering if anyone else has booked on this tour recently, would love to hear from anyone who has.[br]Send me an email.[br]Lisa[br][br]


I am!! But you already know that![br];D[br][br]Amanda


Hey Girlz![br][br]Yea you already know about me too! What’s up with this?! Are we the only 3 going on the trip?! I already have the countdown on!! [br][br]Ooh and it was a funny thing–just yesterday I was at my convocation and out of the 700 ppl lined up before the ceremony the girl I was placed beside alphabetically had been on a Topdeck tour last summer! She said it was sooo much fun!!! It got me even more excited!! [br][br]Alrighty, well I too would love to hear from others booked on our trip! [br][br]***Cindy




June 20…1 month from now and I think we’ll have been on the trip for an entire week already! We’ll be livin’ it up in Florence!!! I’m soo excited!![br][br]I’m mostly making another posting so other people see this on the first page of postings…just maybe there are more out there and they are too busy to check the 2nd page! (I know sometimes I only check the first page if I’m in a hurry!) IF YOU SEE THIS AND ARE ON THE JULY 13th GETAWAY LET US KNOW!!![br][br]Amanda and Lisa, you guys are staying at the Globetrotter right? We’re staying there both the 11th and 12th so hopefully we’ll meet up beforehand!! [br][br]Well take care and good luck with packing!! See you in London :smiley:


Hiya![br]Wow! Oh my goodness, its nearly here - IM EXCITED TOO!!![br]Yes, Im booked at the Globetrotter for just the 12th, and also the night we get back to London. [br]Im sure we will meet up before hand, which date do you arrive in London again? I’m there from the 5th.[br]Dont worry girls there are others on the tour, i spoke to someone at topdeck the other day and they said there were 30 people booked![br]Talk to you soon.[br]Lisa;D


Hello! Booked into Globetrotter 11th and 12th- so will see you there![br]8-)[br][br]Amanda


Hello Girlz…just me again, nobody new lol! :([br][br]Just a few things I’m starting to wonder about: [br][br]A–did you get any actual documents in the mail yet for the tour? [br][br]B–what are you taking for luggage? it says the size of the suitcases we can take and it’s way bigger than I thought! I either have to buy one or take a bit smaller of one, I just can’t decide. I just want to know for sure whether it will fit into lockers and things along the way! [br][br]C–Also the sleeping bag and ‘hostel sheet’, are you taking those separate or fitting it in the suitcase? and what do they mean by hostel sheet, just a sheet for under the sleeping bag? what about a pillow? are you taking a normal sized pillow or just a little thing? Ahh! I know I’ll figure it all out, but I just don’t want to have either too much or too little of anything![br][br]D–Did you get any shots/vaccines for this thing? [br][br]E–last thing! As far as tickets for things along the way go, do we just buy them as we go or are you pre-ordering any? I’ve been looking through a few travel guides and it says if you have them in advance you get to go in a faster line? It’s one of those things where we don’t want to wait in a ticket-line all day, but we also don’t want to be the only ones on the bus with advance tickets and be off on our own all day!! Maybe the bus tour guide person has some that we can buy in advance? ?? I don’t know! [br][br][br]Oh and guess what, we just realized that our travel agent had told us the wrong times for our flight–we’d have MISSED IT if my grandpa wouldn’t have realized that the time zones and travel times that we told him don’t match up! The lady emailed us an itinerary saying we leave at 1:00 PM on July 10th, and we actually leave at 1 AM on July 10th, which is basically the night of July 9th…so we need to book another night in a hostel now. Not sure yet if we’ll book Globetrotter just to make it easy or somewhere cheaper or somewhere closer to central london? I am just SOO glad that my grandpa happened to get out his trusty old globe with time zones and check things out for us! So I guess now we at least have an extra day in London before that we never thought we had, so that’s a bonus![br][br]Okay, well exactly 2 weeks from now I’ll be boarding my plane!!! If you get a chance let me know what you’re doing for luggage and everything![br][br]Happy packing! lol![br][br]***Cindy :sunglasses:


Hi Cindy![br][br]Ok, to answer a few of your questions:[br]****Yes, I have received my docs for the tour.[br]****For my luggage I will be taking a pack- its quite big- I must check the measurements too. Im sure suitcase will be ok-as long as it isnt HUGE- remember to pack light! Im sure you will be fine.[br]****I am going to pack my sleeping bag away in my pack- the Hostel sheet is just a sheet you take to put down on the bed at each place we stay- so Im just going to rollinto my sleeping bag. Im not going ****Havent got any shots- Im pretty sure we dont need any, the places we are going arent too far off the beaten track.[br]****And lastly, Im not organised enough to pre-pay my tickets for attractions before we go- Ill just do it as we go, Im sure TOPDECK will help us out with how to do that sort of thing as we go…[br][br]Im glad you guys got your flight sorted!! Remember, I am staying at the Globetrotter 11th and 12th July so if you end up staying there for another night I will look out for you![br][br]I leave next Monday, so I had better start thinking about getting my stuff packed!!![br]Wish me luck!! ;)[br][br][br][br]Amanda


Whoops, It cut a bit out- was ment to say Im not going to take a pillow- Im sure just my sleeping bag will be fine.[br][br]Amanda


Hiya Girls,[br]Wow - not long now!!! I am leaving NZ tomorrow so starting to feel a little nervous now! Excited about the tour though - cant wait to get going on that and meet you guys. Still can’t believe that no one else has replied to us![br]Any must go, lots of packing left to do - I’m having a bit of trouble fitting everything!![br]C you soon.[br][br]Lisa;D


Hi Girls[br][br]I will be on your tour!!![br]Im so excited. I leave Australia this Sunday morning. I am staying at the Globetrotter inn for 3 nights before- just cos its easy.[br][br]I am traveling by myself so i cant wait to meet you. Where are you girls statying in London?[br][br]I have not been o/s before so i am going to have to be the crazy tourist (camera will be going alot!)[br][br]i will see you then[br]Jen


Hey Jen! (and Lisa and Amanda!)[br][br]My older brother and I leave Calgary (Canada) very early July 10th (1:00 am, so the night of July 9th really). We will be landing at Gatwick airport at 5:10 pm on July 10th and we’ll be staying at the Globetrotter Inn for three nights as well (July 10, 11, and 12). It seems like a good option to be right at the location where the bus takes off, especially since it leaves at 7am!! ahh! I can’t wait!!![br][br]Hopefully we’ll run into each other sometime before the tour departs!![br][br]Can’t wait to meet you all!![br][br]***Cindy! :slight_smile:


Hiya Jen[br]I am in England already, I arrived Wednesday last week. Im staying down near Gatwick airport with a friend so will only be at the globetrotter one night before we depart. [br]Hope your flight over goes well, its a long haul from there to here!! Are you staying on in England after the tour?[br]Talk to you girls next week.[br]Lisa