European Getaway 12th August - 31st August 2017


Anyone booked on this tour yet? :slight_smile:


Hey have you booked this tour? :slight_smile:


Yes I have booked it :slight_smile: I’m going by myself and am from nz


Yessss we are booked on this tour!


We haven’t been to Europe before, how much are you budgeting per day or for the trip? Just trying to get a rough idea😃


Hey! :grin::grin::grin: sure have! Just paid yesterday and my names Nathan and from Perth, travelling on my own and sooo looking forward to it and staying 5 days after but thinking of going to Paris, there’s Disneyland too :joy: and then London maybe as I’m flying back home from there :slight_smile:


Hey peps!

Is anyone else traveling solo? Looking forward to meeting you all! :smile:


I am :slight_smile:


Sure am :grin: Going solo yolo!!