European Getaway 10th - 29th September 2016


I am booked into the above trip and was wondering who else has booked?


Update: Arriving in London 6 September and staying at the Wombats Hostel pre-tour.

Would be awesome to see who else is booked on this tour and will be in London and few days beforehand. Travelling with a mate from work and her boyfriend…Yes I’m going to be the third wheel. Looking for a fourth haha


Hey, I’ve also booked this tour with a mate and spending an extra night before and after the tour at Wombats then travelling back to our favourite places through Europe afterwards for 2 weeks :smile:

We are from WA.



Hey Corey,

Finally a reply!! We were starting to think we’ll be the only ones on the bus…

Wow sounds like you guys will be having an awesome holiday, 20 days + another 2 weeks, why not. So you guys won’t be doing much sightseeing around London?

We’re from Queensland :slight_smile:

Is this your first Topdeck tour?


Haha I checked about a week ago and there were already 27 confirmed on our trip :slight_smile:

We are going to spend probably 4-5 days in London after the trip and head off after that. Yeah this will be both our first Too Deck trip, we are doing a 10 day top deck in US before we start this tour so it’s going to be very full on for us :slight_smile:

Are you doing any more travel before or after the tour?


27 confirmed, it’s slowly getting full :slight_smile:

USA and Europe, and I was jealous before haha unfortunately we’ll be heading home the day after the tour ends…we regret not adding a few extra days to recover in London.

However, we will have 4 days prior to the tour start to explore. We are, well I am, heavily into Harry Potter and so 2 of those 4 days will be spent at Warner Bros. Studios and seeing the new HP play. Despite having 20 days around Europe I think that will be the best part! haha


Hi my friend and I are also booked for this trip, both Australians. The plan at the moment is to stay in london for about a week after the trip


Hi Kat,

Yay this thread is starting to grow! :blush: where about in Australia are you guys from?

And how old is everyone if you guys don’t mind me asking - I’m 21


I’m also going on this trip, arriving at the Wombats Hostel on the 6th! Single female traveling alone, so maybe I could be your forth? I was hoping there would be an extra female who I could pair up with for rooms and such. :slight_smile: And I love Harry Potter too so that’s awesome!!
I’m 26 (I’ll be 27 when we go though), and I live in Canada.


Hi Shayna!

You could definitely be our fourth :slight_smile: what time do you arrive on the 6th? We’re planning to go to Warner Bros. Studios that day around 2pm. We might be jet lagged but we’re hoping the excitement will overcome the exhaustion

Add me on facebook: Melanie Tavernor or mtavernor
I’ve also created a FB group called “Topdeck European Getaway 10-29th September 2016”

That way we can share travel plans and tips :slight_smile:


Hi, we will be 23 and 24 during the trip, coming from Sydney australia. I think we will only be at wombats the night before the trip


Our plans for the day before the tour is pretty much sightseeing - st. Paul’s Cathedral first up and from there roam free. So if you guys want to tag along for the day or grab dinner/drinks together that night let us know :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to add me on facebook or join the group


Hey, I’m also booked in on this trip! Can’t seem to find the link to the Facebook page you guys created, could someone attach the link to this? I’m single female travelling alone, 19 years old :slight_smile:


Hi Anna, nice to meet you :blush:

Here’s the link to the group:

There’s quite a few solo travellers on the trip so you’re not alone


Hey guys,

My name’s Parth, I just booked this trip a couple of days ago - can’t wait for it!!

I’m 28 and from Newcastle but I’ve been in the UK for about 4 months playing a season of cricket.

I’ll be travelling by myself so looking forward to meeting everyone.