European Getaway 10/06/2017


Hi everyone, I am Anna from Brisbane, Australia. I will be traveling solo on the European Getaway tour starting 10th June 2017. Who else will be joining this trip? Super excited :slight_smile:


hello…,Good morning and welcome to the forum!!!

Johnny was the guy who managed all the personalities, responsible for all the smiles. He was so funny.

Now that u know how much u can spend and where u want to go then u see the sites Online…

I hope this very help u…:slight_smile:

If u any problem then u ask me…
so enjoying the trip…:relaxed:


Hello, I’m Jasmin, I’m from England. I’m also travelling solo on this trip! I’m really excited.


Hey Jasmin, I’m glad to know that i’m not the only one traveling solo. Not to long till the trip.
I guess you’ll be joining the tour in London?


Yes, joining in London. What about you?


I’m joining the group in Paris, that way I get an extra day in Paris. But I don’t speak any french, so i’m getting a little scared. Hopefully i’ll get around alright.


I think you’ll be fine! I keep finding things to worry about but I know I’ll be fine as soon as it starts!