European Getaway 1 Oct


Hi :slight_smile:

I know it might be pretty early, but I am thinking of booking the Getaway tour 1-20 Oct. Anyone else booked on this tour? My first time to Europe alone!

Thanks, Alana


hey alana,

im booked in for this tour. im travelling solo aswell. pretty excited about it. let us know if ya book the tour. havent really heard from many others just yet still a while until the tour.


Great Stevo!

I think I will go ahead and book this week. I leave late next month, travelling around England and Scotland first, so getting excited now. Have you planned accommodation yet? I will return to London the day before, so be great to meet anyone on tour beforehand.




i get to london 29th sept spend 2 nights at clink hostel before the tour then spend 3night at clink after the tour. then i’ll be travelling around europe for about 4-5 weeks after the tour. not sure where i will go but i have a few ideas.
where are you staying before the tour?
would be great to catch up for a drink before the tour. i’m travelling solo and first time in europe so don’t know about all the good places to go
where are you from?




I am from Melbourne (eastern burbs).
I think I might stay at the Clink the night before but I have 5 days afterwards so might stay at the YHA St Pancras (which is close by and seems to have better reviews) or plan as I go. There is lots I want to see in London, and Paris for a couple more days is appealing too!
Will def. catch up the day before, be nice to ‘know’ someone before we head off :slight_smile:



yeh sounds good. def catch up night before.


any others booked in for this tour?