European Getaway 1 June 2013


Hi peoples!!!

My man and I have just booked the pre-release 1 June European Getaway Tour 2013. I can hardly contain my excitement. Not sure how I am going to get through the next 8 months!

Anyways, I know its a while away but was hoping to encourage some awesomely cool people to book on our tour. Don’t book if you’re not cool. Just kidding!!

Can’t wait to have the best time ever trippin around Europe and hope to make some wicked friends!

Sammi X


Hi Sammi,

Make sure you check out Topdeck Meet to find trip mates before you go

Topdeck Team


Heya peeps!

My name’s Emily and my friend Alana and I have just booked the European Getaway for 1st June 2013.
So ridiculously excited, would be great to chat to anyone who is going to be our tour buddies :slight_smile: