European getaway 03 april?


hey everyone[br][br]im really keen on doing this trip next year!![br][br]Is anybody else thinking of doin it [br][br]OR[br][br]if you have, what was it like??[br][br]i have itchy feet, can’t wait to travel!!![br][br][br]


ok so i finally booked the trip!!![br][br]i so so so can’t wait!![br][br][br]:slight_smile:


Cloudy, im no docter but itchy feet sounds like a fungal sort of thing… if feet is code for “private parts” fungal infections in these regions is nothing to be embaressed about. its easily treated and in some cases its as simple as swallowing a pill…again im not a docter so you might want a second opinion…good luck and keep me updated.


hey pesk,[br][br]my itchy feet are coming along, am treating them now. Symptoms should completely disappear in a few weeks. thanks for your interest and advice. :)[br][br][br][br][br]


hooray about time someone with a sense of humour in these forums.[br]PESK you got someone to respond to one of your stupid comments.[br]CLOUDY have a ball on your trip


DING DING DING!!! we have a winner!!! haha cloudy you have no idea how long i have been stirring the pot in these forums and FINALLY we have someone reply lol its GOLD, all you need to do now is jump on board our tour…itchy feet welcome


my trip leaves before you. (9 weeks or so) so i no doubt will be broke when I come back home!! otherwise a double trip would be cool! you guys have a long way to go till ur trip, so i have a feeling this forum will be inundated with all ur goofy comments… maybe you should change ur name from PESK to something else, it may be misread as PEST ;)[br][br]lol


Hey.[br][br]I’m going on this trip!!! I can’t wait!!


Hey L.M.R.!!![br][br]Yay I finally have someone to talk to about the trip!![br][br]where you from??[br]I’m from the gold coast!![br]We have less than 9 weeks to go, not that i’m counting…[br][br]:sunglasses:


Hey Cloudy,[br][br]I’m from Sydney.[br]When are you heading to London?[br][br]I know less than 9 weeks I really want to just leave now!!!


Hi LMR[br][br]Im heading into London on the 2nd of April a day before the trip.[br]But when we arrive back in London, I’m planning on staying an extra 3 days for sightseeing and stuff! I’m staying at the globetrotter inn!![br][br]what are your plans??[br]


Hey Cloudy,[br][br]I’m leaving sydney mid march to do a tour af Thailand. Then i go to London arrive on the 2nd as well. After the tour i’m staying for another week at this point in time. I’m also staying at the Globetrotter Inn. Then im meant to be going to Hong Kong for a week.[br][br]Have you received any paperwork yet?


wow, so ur doing quite a bit of travel before and after too!![br][br]I will be going to Switzerland and Germany to see some friends before and after my trip.[br][br]I haven’t received any paperwork yet. Can’t wait though!![br][br]I bought my european travel adapters and my waist bag yesterday, so my list is slowly coming together!! [br][br]


Hello there![br][br]I’ve just booked this trip as well, flying from Brisbane. What flights have you both booked? Thinking of doing some work in the UK after tour


hey kirstd!![br][br]wohoo one more recruit to our group!! hehe[br][br]I’m flying out from brisbane on 12 march, will see some friends in switzerland before the trip.[br][br]where abouts u from?? i’m from the gold coast. I’m 21 and work in retail.[br][br]can’t wait for the trip!!!


Hello! [br][br]I’m from the Sunshine Coast, am 19 and this is my first trip outside Oz and I’m doing it all on my lonesome![br][br]Sooo excited - counting down the hours almost![br][br]I fly into London on the 1st April and staying at the Globetrotter Inn for 2 nights before trip starts - looking forward to seeing you then!


Hey guys.[br][br]I get to london the day before the tour. I’m staying at the Globetrotter Inn as well.I fly out from Sydney on 20/3.[br][br]I can’t wait!![br][br]I look forward to meeting you both!!


hello again!![br][br][br]it’s only 10 days to go until i fly to europe!![br][br]I have already received my paperwork.[br]I made up an itinerary on yahoo if you want to see [br]where we will be staying…[br];_ylt=AhUFW3jJihORaObLn77qq1VSfMgF[br][br]cool bananas[br][br]see you on the other side of the world!!![br][br][br]


I just looked at ur yahoo page cloudy - getting excited now!!! Hope you both have a great time travelling before the tour starts and I’ll see you both at the Globetrotter Inn!


Hey guys im also doing this tour, staying at the inn the night before, not long now! how exciting![br]am thinking whoever is staying at the inn should meet up for drinks the night before, hope you guys are keen! we will just need to work out a time and meeting place-let me know your thoughts!