European Fashion/Girls packing for Europe


just wondering what other girls are planning to take on their european tour or have taken with them already, what is your packing list? share some ideas


I’m keeping it simple, but then again I’m sticking to the UK and Ireland only. A pair of jeans, pair of hiking pants (comfy), black capris in case I need to get more dressed up), and my Lululemon pants for the plane. A few tee shirts, couple longer sleeved shirts, one light sweater, one sweatshirt, rain jacket. That’s just about it. Don’t over-pack just to stick with the fashion of the places you are going because you’re going to have to carry all of it around and won’t have room for souvenirs, etc. Keep it clean lined and simple and make sure you can mix and match to suit where you are and you should be fine.


I wouldn’t take anything that can’t be washed and worn. The laundromats in Europe are notorious for taking a shirt and spitting out a skirt! Keep in mind that while jeans are a fashion staple the world over, they take forever to dry, even in a dryer, so bring a pair that have some stretch in them as they will dry faster.

It gets hot in Europe during summer so the lighter the fabric the better. However, evenings can be cool so a lightweight cardigan or wrap is a good idea.

Also, what to pack will depend on whether you’re camping or hostelling. I would pack a wrinkle free dress as you always feel under dressed in Monaco if you don’t have one on.


Hey there

I did a round trip of Europe from June to August expecting it to be all sunshine and shorts. I had a couple of warmish sweaters but was nowhere near prepared. It was rainy and cool in Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Krakow and Budapest and I ended up buying some warm tops and throwing away a pair of rain-destroyed shoes. But as soon as I hit Croatia, Greece, Italy, the French Riviera and Spain I was running around in my bikini, skirts, shorts and sundresses.

You can’t go wrong with a decent pair of jeans and some comfy shoes.

My advice - bring some warm clothes! Rather be too warm than too cold.



Thanx a lot guys, sounds great. I’ll consider bringing some warm stuff just in case.

Another question I had is…has anyone used a travel iron or anything else of that sort like a wrinkle spray. I just dont want to look weird wearing a nice dress which is wrinkly to the point that im gonna look like a homeless person lol
Any ideas?


Friends who’ve been on trips before have said their hair-straightner was the best alternative if they couldn’t get their hands on an iron. Worth a try I guess!


I am planning to stick to a colour scheme with everything that I pack so that I can mix and match everything together. I also plan to send a box of shopping and unwanted stuff that I packed back home about half way through the trip so I am not lugging it around and weighing my bag down.