European Essentials - Questions


Hey everyone,

My boyfriend and I are considering doing a tour of Europe around May next year. It will be our first time overseas, and i figure with us being from Australia and there being a language barrier while visiting so many countries, the best way to do it would be in a tour!

So my questions are, has anyone else done the tour? I’ve heard that contiki is very “party” orientated and hasn’t got as great reviews from people going as a couple, and that topdeck is a better option. We aren’t really massive party people, but from what i’ve read you can party as little or as much as you want.

Was also wondering how fast paced the tour actually is, and what the usual time you get up in the morning and get back to the hotel at night is? And what type of foods are included in the package.

Any information or past experiences would be great! Thanks!


Hi Sarah Jane,

Me and my boyfriend are thinking of doing this trip too! either the 28Th May departing or the 7Th May.

I’ve been looking at staying at the Um hotel the night before so i don’t stress out too much about missing the departure which is 6am, they have early bird rooms for 80 pound.

Its looks like the tour itself is quite face passed with around 5-8 hours bus travel a day, but we stop every 2 hours and have a wander around and it will be a great way of seeing everything also…plus sleep catch up :slight_smile:

I’ve chosen Topdeck over Conticki for the exact same reason and the reviews are quite good.

If you get any info let me know because i am super keen also! p.s check the facebook page as that has past travellers who can help you out