European Escape/Summer Fun&Sailing Sept


I am am doing the European Escape Sept 6-15 and was wondering if anyone else is going on this tour? [br][br]Apparently the Escape tour is the last 10 days of the Summer Fun and Sailing tour which starts on Aug 21st. Both tours meet in Venice and go from there to London together. So, if anyone is going on either of these tours let me know because it would be nice to get to know a few people before the trip since I will be traveling solo.


Hey yeah I am on the Summer Fun and Sailing leaving on the 21st August… so cant wait! Are you heading back to London after or do you go somewhere else?


Yeah my tour meets up with yours in venice on the 6th and we travel with you guys the rest of the way to London. After we get back to London I am going to stay there for a few extra days to do a little sight seeing and what not. Are you heading going anywhere else after London?


Yeah I fly to Amsterdam on 19th Spet which is the Friday after we get back in - so have a few days in London to potter around/recover![br]Staying at globetrotters for the Tues night that we get back in and after that I havent booked anything


Awesome I will be staying in London until the 19th as well and then I fly back home. So if you want a travel buddy for those few days in London let me know. I’ve never been to London so this will be my first time there. Have you been there before?


Awesome! Nope never been there! I will have a couple of days before the tour by myself to cruise around too… I think the Summer Fun and Sailing leaves on the 21st of August? I leave NZ on the 17th of August…


Very cool. I’m glad that I at least know someone else going on the tour now. We’ll have to keep in touch before the tour starts! I need to book my hostel stays for the days I will be in London after the tour ends. Any suggestions?


For sure![br]Um I have booked into the Globetrotters for the night that we arrive back then I thought that I would just play it by ear after that as to weather I book a couple more nights there or stay somewhere else…