European Escape 23rd May - 1st June 2016


Hi everyone, I’ve just booked on to the European Escape tour starting in Venice on the 23rd May. I’m 19 and I’ll be travelling on my own. Has anyone else booked onto this one? x


Hi!! I will be in this topdeck too! I’ll travel on my own and I’m looking forward to this trip and to meet you :smiley:


Great! Do you know what time everyone has to meet on the 23rd? Where are you from?


I don’t know, yet. But, they will be coming from another city on may 23rd, so I think it will be around noon, maybe…depends how many hours they’ll get to arrive in Venice.
I’m from Brazil…and you?


Ok thanks, do you know when we’ll find out? I’m from Kent in England.


Well, I was told that I would receive all the informations about the trip one month before. I just find out a topdeck’s app, seems very useful, you can do login with the informations of your trip and there will be many options about our trip. Maybe some informations will appear there someday.
When will you go to Venice in may?


Ok great. Yeah I got the app its really useful. I just don’t know which flight to get. I was thinking about going a day early but I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d stay so probably on the day. You?


Got it!
I’ll be in a trip on my own before the topdeck, so, I’ll arrive in Venice a day early, if you decide to go before as well, I could tell you where I’ll stay and you try to stay there too, if you want to, of course :smile: