European Escape 2013


This is my first time travelling with TopDeck and thought I’d leave a quick message to see if there is anyone else out there doing this tour. It is the tour departing on the 12th August. I am looking forward to it as it is my first trip to Europe, but nervous as I will be travelling on my own. So hopefully I hear from someone soon, would be great to get to know a few people before the trip starts.


Hello Alyce, I’m also first time travelling with TopDeck. My first tour is departing on 13 Jan,2013. But it is not my first tour. From two years I was travelling with Flytime Travel Inc… Nice experience with that company. They offered lots of discounts and special tour packages
to me.
But recently one of my colleague suggested me TopDeck Travel website. So, It is my first tour with TopDeck Travel.


Glad to come back to see that I actually have a reply. Yeah I have heard of people doing a Topdeck tour and thought why not. So are you doing the European Escape 2013 in August too?


Hi Alyce,

I’m booking that tour on that date on Tuesday :).

Great to meet a fellow touree!
Where are you from?

I’m 25 and from New Zealand, this is my first time going to Europe and I will be flying solo on the tour although my sister and a friend are going to Europe too.