European Escape 2009 leaving on August 30th?


Hey![br]Is anyone on the European Escape from Venice that heads back up to London, leaving on the 30th of August??[br][br]Jon


Or on the Summer Fun and Sailing leaving on the 14th of Aug from London? As i think mine joins this one in Venice on the 30th.


Am on this trip but not till the 18th oct, haven’t seen anyone on here going yet either. Ah well plenty people to meet on the bus. [br][br]:-D[br][br]Rob


Yeah, i think a lot of the people are on the main summer fun and sailing tour, so not sure how many people are starting on the European Escape from Venice. But we’ll see, and i’m sure they’ll be plenty of people to meet on the bus!![br][br]I’m sure you’ll have loads of people for the 18th of Oct, plenty of time left for that.[br][br]Jon W


yea :smiley: got to get flights to gatwick then san marco, handy the campsite being next to the airport, yippee for google maps , oh n easyjet lol[br][br]Rob


Hey Jon,[br]I can’t believe that I actually found someone else doing the European Escape tour out of Venice! haha I posted on here a while back about it and never heard a response from anyone about it. Good to know that at least one person is doing this tour! Your leaving London on August 30th? I didn’t think the tour actually started until Sept. 6 in Venice? Are you going early?[br][br]Lee [br]European Escape


Hi Rob,[br][br]I am going on the 18th Trip… if they let me in,… just a tad over the 30’s something.[br][br]Cheers[br]Bianca[br][br][br][br][quote]Originally posted by trebor[br]
Am on this trip but not till the 18th oct, haven’t seen anyone on here going yet either. Ah well plenty people to meet on the bus. [br][br]:-D[br][br]Rob[br][/quote][br][br]Europe Oct 10 onwards[br]Thailand 2007,2008,2009[br]NT 2008[br]


Hi Lee![br]Yeah, looks like you’re on the tour after the one i’m on. Mine leaves the week before yours but it’s good to know someone else is doing it. [br]You got all your gear sorted out? I’m picking up the last few bits now.[br][br]Hey Trebor - i’m using easyjet as well, didnt realise the campsite is so close tho, which is definitely good news![br][br]2 weeks and counting until departure…


Hi Jon,[br]Well since you are going on the same tour a week before me, you’ll have to fill me in on everything! I’m still working on getting my stuff together, still undecided on the whole sleeping bag thing, it just doesn’t seem necessary to me? But I could be wrong, are you taking one?[br][br]Also, I’m trying to get my phone situation figured out. I have an iPhone and in the US they are locked and can only be used with an AT&T sim card which sucks. So, I’m thinking about buying a cheap cell in Europe and getting a European sim for it to use while I’m on the tour. What are you planning on doing for cell service?


Change of Plans went with B.A instead as they were cheaper, never flowen with them before. got to go from Edinburgh to Gatwick, then from there to San Marco, flight doesnt get in till 11pm on the 17th. Topdeck booked me in for the night there and let them know that ill be late check in. Me being me had a thought that hmm might sell my bunk if i dont turn up heh heh . . . [br]Of To amsterdam on 28th aug for my brothers stag do to. Hired a beer bike for us to have a lil tour. won’t see much of the things i want to see other than bars i reckon so glad going back with the tour to see more.[br]ALso going to be ruthless with my packing, not taking netbook, phone isnt a problem but ill have it switched of most ot the time as to many bad bills in the past when you come home lol though im saying that now ill end up having it on to keep in touch with others on trip probably. [br][br]European Escape 18th oct,[br]Rob


yiiiippppeeee, [br][br]Getting Excited now, trips paid and confirmed… just got to get the spending cash sorted. oh and my insurance… Haven’t been abroad on my own before so there’s that little bit of nervousness sneaking in to… [br][br]c’est la vie [br][br]European Escape 18oct[br][br]Rob