European Escape 18th Oct


Joins Summer Fun 2nd Oct [br][br]Hi Folks, got on here after a lil problem getting registered but many thanks to Topdeck for getting me signed up :slight_smile: First time i’ll have done a trip like this and looking forward to it, just got to get flights sorted to venice, easyjet looks the best bet at the moment. Put the trip it joins on so as not to miss anyone thats about on here :)[br]Say hi,[br][br]rford


two weeks 5 days :smiley: yahooo, still not found anyone else on here on same tour but can’t wait. :)[br][br]Rob


Hey guys! I’m also on this tour and am so excited! Having some trouble with the packing though- I’ve just been checking the weather and there’s a good chance of snow in Ausria and Prague while my cousin is currently in Rome and wearing t-shirts. I am flying to Venice to join the tour on the 18th flying Alitalia (the cheapest I could find that left from Heathrow) which means I am going via Rome. My cousin is meeting me there- she’s already travelling and is coming from FLorence. Has anyone checked out if we can leave our luggage at the campsite earlier in the day? I e-mailed them but haven’t heard back.[br][br]Amy


kewwwlll, I’m basing it on the theory that it wont be much colder than here :). tho have got my jacket fleece n that so should be toasty warm and if it is i’ll buy some stuff out there. Am going out on the 17th, Edinburgh to Gatwick then Gatwick to san marco with BA. (never thought id be flying with them) but they had cheapy flights. staying the night in the same campsite the tour starts from as its next to the airport. getting in late tho so asked Topdeck to book it and they said they’d let them know it was a late check in. According to review on hostel world it has luggage storage so should be ok :smiley: [br]Think the excitments starting to get to me, keep checking my doc’s think have developed ocd now lol…[br]Rob[br][br]Rob


Yeah I know! I had an unexpected day off today and ended up packing my bag because I’ve been obsessing about how much to pack and the weight of it all. Glad I did cos I can fit so much more in than I thought! And as for the weather you’ve got to take into account that I’m Australian (though living in London) and I haven’t done serious cold yet. So when I looked up the weather in Austria and it didn’t get into double digits and the little pics were snow clouds I got excited but started packing a whole lot more layers![br][br]Amy


:slight_smile: I love snow, never get the proper stuff here very often tho. Would be really cool if it was. kind of spooky as packed my bag to and found out it was only 10k ordered a bit of a bigger bag but dunno if it’ll be here in time. i#'ll end up being packed then have to repack on the day i leave knowing me heh heh. never done a trip like this or been away myself but cant wait to be out of my usual comfort zone and meeting loads of new folk… i admit to being on google maps and looking at where am going to see but ill forget it all when am there i bet.[br][br]Here’s to that first beer in Venice :D[br][br]Rob


oops sent this to a new thread doh![br][br]2 days, one more day of work and freedom for two plus weeks :slight_smile: …[br][br]Rob