European Escapade - 17th July 2007


Hey guys im an 18 year old aussie girl headin overseas in July 07 for 2 months… this will be my first time overseas and i already have heaps of friends overseas doing a GAP year… is anyone doing the European Escapade tour? departs on the 17th July… Would love to hear from anyone who is.


Hey yeah me and two mates going on it. We’re from bris all doin gap years over here. are your friends going on it with you? i rekon its going to be mostly 18-19 yr olds as it was a gap travel tour or whatever. do you have msn?


hey yeah me and my best friend are doin it! she is over there on GAP as well, yeah ive got msn[br][br]talk to u soon no doubt![br][br]ange


hey, im an 18 yr old girl from brissie going on the trip as well. should be awesome! going with some other friends who are over in the uk doing their gap year as well. hows everyone going? kinda freaking out cause its only 2 weeks away till we leave. [br][br]so awesome to hear that some people are from brissie. i have been in the uk for 6 months now and all the aussies i meet are from melbourne or sydney and i was feeling a bit left out[br][br]hope to talk to you soon[br] [br]imi


hey imi, yeh its scary its only like two weeks away, sounds like im in the same situation as u as the girl im doin it with is on gap year as well so ill be meetin up with her and a big group of our school friends are over there. how many of ur friends are going on this one? wen do u fly over? are u stayin at globetrotter the nite b4? sorry bout all the questions![br][br]Ange


hey yeah about 4 max of my friends from home are coming. i have been in winchester for the last 6 months so no flying for me. were are you from in aus? anyways got to go[br][br]talk to you soon[br][br]from imi[br][br]imi


we realised we are on a different one leaving the same day, so see you all at globetrotter inn the night before anyway (we are staying near it not in it) we are keen for some clubbing to kickstart the trip


hey yeah ok, im not staying at the hostel as well, so see you the night before anyways, getting excited only i week left of work[br]yah[br][br][br][br]imi