European Emperor


I am taking off on this trip from PARIS. I am flying to Paris from Australia and will be staying in Paris for 3 nights before I start the tour on Tues 2nd Aug 2011. I was wondering if there were any other solo travellers who are doing the same thing as me and who would like to catch up whilst in Paris? Does anyone recommend any particular place I should stay at whilst in Paris before the trip starts - max 150 AUS per night and central ie walking distance to most things. I have searched the net and now I have information overload…so many beautiful apartments and hotels I don’t know which one I should choose.


Hi Casey,

I’ll be on the same tour, my boyfriend and I are joining in London. I am not solo or in Paris just thought I’d say hi! I see you are from Perth! I am getting really excited! How long are you travelling for and where are you going?

:slight_smile: Rach