European Emperor


Hey all,

I’d love to know if anyone is doing the European Emperor departing 13 July 2010? I’ve booked this tour with my friend but I’m a littler nervous no one else has booked these dates and the tour will be cancelled :’(. We’ve already organised all our flights and accomidation to these tour dates to get the early bird fares (flights have been paid in full and accomadation deposits have been taken), so if the tour is cancelled, we’ll sorta be screwed!

Please anyone out there!


I’m not sure if it will be cancelled. It says on the reservation page that a booking for the tour on 13th July is available “on request contact us”. So it looks like it may be full. I hope so anyway because my tour states the same thing and I know another 6 people doing the same tour and that it was originally a guaranteed departure when I booked.


Thanks Ice T, it said the same thing online when we booked through STA but our travel agent said it wasn’t a garanteed departure. I’ve tried emailing TopDeck, the paranoid person I am, but not a peep.

I’ll cross my fingers and toes until then!


Hi all,

I am new to this how do i post my topic?? lol

ANyone going to Iberian Voyager in June for 18 days?



lol nevermind think it just worked LOL LOL :o


Best news! TopDeck contacted me and my tour is almost full. FULL STEAM AHEAD! ;D