European Emperor tour not popular?


Hello Topdeck Forum-

I have never been to Europe and am interested in perhaps booking a tour with Topdeck - specifically the European Emperor tour because it is the one tour that visits the majority of the cities I would like to see. However, looking at the dates available, it seems only two Emperor tour dates are Guaranteed Departures - this is quite the opposite for the other tours I’ve perused. All the others tours have almost every date booked up. Am I missing something? This tours seems great but why is it that there is so little interest?

I’m worried that if I do book the tour, that it will end up getting cancelled if not enough folks are interested. Anyone have ideas as to why this may be?


I just had a look at the dates for European Emperor, and two had the Guaranteed Departure and all the rest were ‘On Request - Contact Us’. This means that the trip is nearly full, and so you have to contact them to see if there’s a space left for you! When a trip has enough people on it for the tour to go ahead, it changes from just ‘available’ to Guaranteed Departure. And then when it’s almost completely full, it changes to ‘On Request - Contact Us’.
And since the majority of the European Emperor tours are on request, I’d say it’s definitely a popular tour!
Hope this helps, and you get on the tour you want!


Ah! Thanks for the clarification Brianna! Appreciate the help!