European Emperor May 11 2010


My husband and I are going on this tour and I was wondering if anyone else is? We have not bee to Europe before and are sooooooo excited!!! :slight_smile:


I’m going on this tour - but in April sorry. We have never been either :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so excited also - esp for Switzerland. I’m afraid of how cold it might be though.


yeah I was thinking that also, I don’t know will it be cold in may do you think? i’m completely clueless!
are you traveling more after your tour?


Hey - i think its going to be cold, but not too cold. Apparantly (according to websites) its quite unpredictable in April - rainy and windy - but maybe by May it would have settled down? I really don’t know. Part of the experience i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

We are staying on the Amalfi coast for a few days after the tour, staying in Sorrento, but that is about it. Are you? We booked our flights a few days before the tour and after - so we could see more of the UK and Italy. I can’t wait!!! I’m so excited.

Maybe I’ll have to hop on this post after Switzerland and give you a heads up on the weather situation lol.


I think i will over pack - I know its going to happen so I won’t fight it - i hate being cold :slight_smile:

we are starting our trip with the tour then spending 7wks after traveling through southern italy, croatia, greece and then back up through switzerland and germany etc. I am so excited i feel like a 5yr old haha

Yeah I would love to hear how your trip goes! Thanks :slight_smile:


haha! We just bought some jackets hehe

WOW your trip sounds amazing, no wonder you are looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’ll have to let you know then. Have fun preparing! I know I am ;D


Hi Nay,

Yes! IÂ’m going on this trip. IÂ’ve booked the Discover Europe trip also departing on May 11th 2010, and the European Emperor is the first half of Discover Europe (if IÂ’m not wrong).

IÂ’m also going with my husband and this is our first time going to Europe too!

Are you guys staying at the Umi Hotel before the tour starts?



Yes we need jackets too! my list of things to buy just gets longer :wink:

Hi Hils!! Yay someone else :slight_smile: We have yet to book accommodation actually but staying there would make sense i will note that! :wink: What date do you fly out?

Do you have plans after the tour?



Hi Nay,

WeÂ’re in London for 2 days before the tour starts and 2 days after. WeÂ’ve just booked the Umi Hotel for convenience, but staying somewhere else when the tour ends. After Europe we leave for Thailand! Staying there for at least 2 days, but we might extend our Thailand holiday depending on how tired we are from our Europe trip.

We fly out on the 8th of May. (Less then 2 months away!!!). What about you? When are you guys flying out?



Hi Hils,

We fly out on the 8th too!! we are on emirates who are you flying?

we still have to book accommodation before the tour but hoping to be slackers and stay with friends in london :slight_smile:

I have never been to Thailand actually that should be a good place to relax after!

I am counting down the weeks, I have 7wks left of work so excited! :slight_smile:


Hi Nay,

WeÂ’re flying with Thai Airways. We might bump into each other at Sydney Airport. Hehheheh. What time is your flight?

IÂ’m also counting down the weeks. Getting excited as the day gets closer and closer.

Are you on Facebook?



Hi Hils, how funny! our flight is early, 6am!

yep on facebook i will look u up and we can count down together lol :slight_smile:


Hi Hils & Nay,

we’ll be on this tour also and will also be arriving at Umi on the 8th. Not far now guess we’ll see you guys there :slight_smile:


Hi Ags!

Cool! More people on this trip. This is getting exciting! Less than 2 weeks to go…
Are you booked on the European Emperor or the Discover Europe trip?



Hi Hils,

We’re booked on the shorter trip, European Emperor and are leaving today for a two week stop over in Mauritius so we are super excited!



Hi Ags! :slight_smile: YAY another for our tour! can’t wait we are leaving in just over a week! Have fun in Mauritius, seeya in London!