European Emperor / Discover Europe | Depart April 13th 2016


Just starting a group for this tour next year!! :slight_smile: doing this solo - Would be open to meet some people in London beforehand ill be there from the 8th staying with a friend who lives local there.


Hi belinda!
Have been looking for a group for this tour! We’ve also booked the discover Europe from the 13th and will also be in London a couple of days prior to the trip. So exciting! :blush:


Hi Steph! Awesome! Where are you guys from? :slight_smile: it’s my first time in Europe and I’m doing it alone so excited BUT nervous too !!


Were from Geelong in Victoria. What about you? It will be both of our first time in Europe as well. And we can’t wait! :smile:


Awesome! I’m from Sydney AUS. Leaving my boyfriend behind unfortunately and going alone but that’s ok :smile: hopefully some more people over the next few months join the group and we can find some more coming !


Oh awesome! It’s a shame that he misses out on the fun but you’ll have to tell him all about it! I’m sure there’s more people it’s guaranteed trip so I’m sure they’re be a whole crew of us!


Hi ladies!

My boyfriend and I will be on the Democracy Road tour from 4th May (Day 23 of Discover Europe in Budapest).

Our first time to Europe too! We’re from Brisbane :smile:


So exciting, group is created! My husband and I are starting this trip in Paris :blush: Looking forward to meeting you lovely folks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We have done Europe before and did a 12 day top deck a couple of years ago and loved it! So are back for round 2 :blush: We both are from New Zealand. The countdown begins…


Woohoo very exciting. You will have to show me the ropes then never done Europe or a tour! :blush: Looks like there are going to be a few Aussies already!


I’m doing the same tour but starting on 06april so i’ll be there in London as early as 4th of april. When do you arrive?


Hi All,

What is the preference for luggage… backpack or suitcase?

Rosie :slight_smile:


Hi all! I’m booked in for the European Emperor departing 13th April! First European trip, and I’m doing it solo! I’m 23, from Sydney. I’m doing some personal travel before the trip, but won’t be back in London until the day before we leave. Can’t wait to meet everyone!!! :slight_smile:


Hi all! Ive been looking for this forum for so long haha.glad to finally be able to be able to talk to others on the trip! Im on the Discover Europe tour and will only be in london the day before… im from NZ travelling solo :blush: also leaving the bf behind like you @belinda_mancer! I cant wait to meet you all


Hey Roseanne, we used a suitcase last time feeling like we would be the only ones but ended up being almost all suitcases so I think either is totally fine :blush::blush:


Hi guys! :slight_smile:


I am going on the Discover Europe Tour on the 13th! Been looking for a group like this.
First time to Europe!
Looking forward to meeting you all!



My first time to Europe as well, coming over from NZ. Looking forward to meeting everyone! :smile:


Hi All,

Just found this forum, My Husband and I are going on this tour for our Honeymoon! Not long now… :slight_smile:

I love that there are a few females in the group, My partner however would love to know if there are any males traveling??

Looking forward to meeting you all! x

Jess & Danny


Hey Jess. My husband Tristan and I are going to be on our honeymoon too, so there’s at least one other :wink: Hehe meet you guys soon!


Hi Jess my hubby and myself will be on the tour too so there’s another one! :smile: