European Emperor / Discover Europe 27th July


Hi Just wondering if anyone else in the forum was on this trip at all ?


Hi @Ashley_Campbell,

I am on the same trip! I just joined the forum.
Where are you from?



Hi Sophie!

We are from Newcastle NSW where are you from?

We are joining in Paris that night also are you joining in London or Paris?

Getting super excited now :smile:


Hi Ashley,

I’m from Melbourne and I’ll be joining the Tour in London.

I’m getting so excited now, it’s just around the corner! Not long now :smile:


Oh nice!

Is it your first time to Europe?


Yes it is! Ive been to Greece before but not the rest of Europe so I’m nervous and excited at the same time :slight_smile:

How about you?have you traveled through Europe before?


Hi Sophie

Sorry I didn’t see the reply! Lol

I have done a little bit of travel before through Europe but there are def places I haven’t been on this trip :slight_smile:

We are actually heading to santorini after the trip which will be a first for me

Can’t wait to meet everyone !