European Emperor Aug 2019


Myself and my boyfriend are going on this tour on the 2nd of August 2019, is anyone else? This is our first time in Europe, is the bus travel okay and were the hotels alright?
Cheers Zoe x


Hey Zoe!
Me and my fiance will be going on this tour as well as our honeymoon! From what I’ve seen it looks like most of the hotels had great reviews so I’m not too concerned!
I look forward to traveling with you guys!


Hi Joey,

Great - can’t wait to meet you! How did you view the hotels that we will be staying at? I’d love to have a look if you have a link.



If you sign into the topdeck site and when going to that trip, click on the “your trip” tab, you should see a link that says “download: trip notes”. Page 9 and 10 seem to have the hotels we will be staying at.