European Emperor April 2010


Hi Everyone,

My partner and I heading to Europe on the European Emperor tour from 13 - 25 April this year.

Anyone else around doing this tour?? Give us a yell! :smiley:

Any ideas on whether we need good winter clothes also? We are Queenslander’s from Australia (our winters generally don’t drop below 10 degrees) so we have NO idea :-[

I’m really looking forward to Switzerland, hoping to see some snow!

Any tips from experienced travellers welcome, our first trip overseas.



Hey, just highlighting this again…looking for others doing this trip in April this year…:slight_smile:

Would love to discuss whats on the tour, optional extras and things like that.


Hi, I’m actually going on this tour also…was hoping someone on here would be doing the same one… I’m doing it on my own before I start working in London for 6 months. 22 yr old female also from brisbane :slight_smile:


Hi! Great to hear from you. Are you staying in London prior to the tour? We are staying possibly at the Clink for a few days beforehand.

Have you been to europe before?


Yeah i am staying in london for 3 nights before the tour…staying at Umi bayswater…thats where the tour picks up from so i thought it would be easy just to stay there…never been to europe before so its all very exciting and a little nerve racking too…still have no idea at all what to pack…


Really is that where it picks up from? We still don’t have our trip notes, getting a bit worried, its getting close now! Do you have yours?

We were trying to book the Clink, but our travel agent is having trouble. Thanks for letting me know, as we would much rather stay somewhere where the trip leaves from. Looks nice via pics on the web.

Packing! Arrggg. Well after looking and asking around, I think it would be worth having a ‘going out’ outfit to look nice when we go out for dinners in Monaco and that. But as for cold weather things, we sorta solved it- we bought a rain jacket each and fleecey jumpers. Good quality ones like Lowe Alpine and Columbia - you can get ones which are really thin and fold into nothing (but water and wind resistant/proof - would need a warm layer underneath). We went with a soft shell jacket, would use it for at least two weeks here in Bris haha

and best of all we got it pretty cheap from:

i bought this jacket:,2024G_Columbia-Sportswear-Raising-Kain-Jacket-Waterproof-Soft-Shell-Titanium-For-Women.html for $80 however there are plenty to choose from at various prices. Got to get it shipped from the US tho - only catch. My friends have had good experiences with this site, and hopefully, in a couple weeks when its delivered, so will I!

Also with what to pack google the question - there are numerous sites with lists of what to pack. I found a list on this forum actually that was really great.

I won’t list it here as its pretty big, but once I find the post i’ll link it here.

good luck!! With all this rain in Bris, the rain jacket couldn’t have come at a better time :stuck_out_tongue:


i heard about the hotel through my travel agent who is also a friend…still waiting for paper work too though…it looks comfortable enough and have read reviews on trip advisor and they seem to be mostly positive…the jackets sound like a great idea …i guess i havent even given really cold weather a thought… i will need to pack so much because i’m staying in london for 6 months…so trying to stick to the basics as much as i can…


You can always buy stuff over there as you go, but i would have no idea what to pack! This is the post I saw:

What to pack? (Fri 22nd Jan 2010 at 03:44)
Here is my packing list for the Mega European, I’m away from home for 3 months total leaving in March so I’m assuming it will still be quite cold esp in the mornings/evenings but I’m coming home via LA where it will be very hot. You can play around with it but less is more is the idea

4 shirts/blouses/tops
2 pairs trousers (jeans, pants)
1 skirt
1 shorts
1 ? pants
1 dress
Swimsuit/sarong/board shorts
2 warm tops
1 light top
Parka and puffy/feather jacket
4-5 pairs socks + flight socks
4-5 pairs undergarments
sun hat / woollen hat
1 pair dressy shoes
1 pair walking shoes
flip-flops or sandals (good for shower shoes)

travel pack
laundry bag
luggage lock(s)

alarm clock/watch (batteries?)
torch, extra batteries
multipurpose tool - scissors/nail clippers
conversion plug, double plug
travel pillow, pillow case
sleeping bag, silk liner

safety pins, rubber bands, cord
sewing kit, including large needle to accommodate dental floss
Ziploc plastic bags
duct/gaffer’s tape/packing tape
drink bottle

toothbrush, cap, tooth cleaner, floss
shampoo, conditioner, soap
[unbreakable] mirror
microfibre towel (washcloth)

universal (flat) sink stopper
detergent, spot remover, washing powder

Small packets of tissues good for toilet paper
antibacterial wipes, alcohol gel
insect repellent
sunscreen & lip balm
bandage, comfeel/blister dressings, tubi grip
Multi vitamins
Sun glasses, case
Small travelmbrella
spork (spoon,fork, knife all in one)
earplugs & eye mask
Gastrolyte (oral rehydration powder)
Mylanta (relieves heart burn)
Antibiotic Cream
Neurofen (relieves pain/fever)
Paracetamol (relieves pain/fever)
Immodium (relieves diarrohea)
Augmentin (oral antibiotics for infections)
Laxsol (relieves constipation)
Cyclizine (relieves motion sickness/vomiting)
Scopoderm patches (relieves motion sickness)
Antihistamines (relieves allergic reactions/helps you sleep)
Cold and Flu tablets (be careful with ones containing codeine, banned in some countries)
Any other regular meds you take
Saline eyedrops
Hyperfix/strapping tape

pen(s), small notebook, stapler + staples
[for notes, addresses, diary, ?]
personal address book + phone numbers, address sticky labels
maps, guidebook, Post-it notes, International Youth card, phone cards, reading material
large envelopes [to mail things home]
playing cards

passport, visas, extra passport photos
copies of important documents ie bookings/accommodation/tours/passport/credit cards
driver’s license, health and travel insurance information
travel tickets, airline/topdeck
Visa card, Travelex cards, cash

Camera (lens, case, gorillapod, extra cards, battery & charger)
Cellular telephone + charger
Ipod & charger
Gifts if staying with family/friends

hope it helps!


Hey we booked into the Umi hotel :slight_smile:

Not long now!! Can’t wait. Perhaps we can meet up pre-tour?


That sounds good…my email is…send me an email or facebook and we can discuss plans etc. :slight_smile:


Hey - not long now until this one starts~
13th April 2010

Anyone else doing this tour? :)?