European Emperor 2-16 June 2017


Hi. I’m Louise, from Australia. Anyone else doing this trip :slight_smile:


Hey Louise,

I have just booked into this trip and am from Sydney. Are you joining from London or Paris? It’s coming up real soon! :smiley:


Hi Juliee

Awesome! Can’t wait to meet you. I’m doing London to Rome. What about you?

I’ve downloaded the Topdeck app and there’s a chat screen in there for our trip, if you wanna join too. I’m thinking we should get a Facebook group going on. Countdown is on!



Hey Louise!

Thanks for letting me know about the app, have just downloaded it :slight_smile: Super handy! And absolutely agree about making that Facebook group happening!

I’m doing London to Rome as well, then I have a week free and then doing the Greek Island Hopper!!

Can’t wait to meet you too :smiley:



Hey Louise and Julie!

My partner and I are also on this tour! Can’t believe its only a little over 5 weeks away! We are doing London to Rome as well and are coming over from Perth!

Sydney :smile: