European Emperor - 11th July 07


Hi,[br][br]I am 24 years old from Sydney Australia and I am just about to take my first Overseas Holiday alone… I was just wondering who else was doing my tour. It would be great to speak to anyone on the tour before we actually get over there!!! I am extremely excited about the adventure ahead although I must admit I am extremely nervous as well!!! Just quietly, I don’t have the best luck with public transport here in Australia (mainly because I tend to have alot of blonde moments when it comes to travelling) so hopefully travelling in a foreign country will be different (in a good way)… Anyway, I hope to hear from others on this tour or perhaps anyone else that is happy to give me some much needed travel advice!!![br][br]xx Liz xx


Hi Liz,[br][br]I’m on that tour too, I’m staying at the Globetrotter Inn from the night of the 7th until it starts. When do you arrive? [br][br]Cheers[br]Bridget


Hi Bridget,[br][br]It is so good to hear from someone… I was starting to feel a little lonely!!! I actually don’t arrive in London until the day before the tour starts and I will be staying at the other hotel (Express by Holiday Inn or something). I will definitely be going to the meeting that is apparently on the night before though. Are you travelling elsewhere when the tour finishes? Where are you from?[br][br]Liz


Hey, good to hear from you. What meeting? After the tour finishes in Rome I’ve got another night there then I join a Contiki tour of Italy for 13 days - after that i’ll be visiting friends in Slovenia, Munich and the Netherlands. What are your plans? I’m from Tassie.


Your trip sounds awesome. I would love to spend longer in Italy. I have one extra night in Rome as well after the tour and then I head to Greece (Rhodes) for a week, then I go to Malta for 2 weeks. I cannot believe there is only 1 month before we go!!! I am sure I have read somewhere that there is a pre-departure meeting the night before the tour begins. I may have to double check that one now though.


So does yours, i’d have liked to have gone to Greece to but there’s only so much you can do in six weeks! Let me know about that meeting, I haven’t read through all the trip notes yet so there might be something in there. What time do you get into London? We’ll have to catch up at some point. Can’t believe we go so soon either, I’ve been planning it since last year and it suddenly seems to have snuck up on me!


Hi Liz and Bridget,[br]I am on that tour too… I live in Sydney and are heading OS for the first time for 8 weeks… I am so excited. I will be heading at the Globetrotter hopefully 2 nights before the tour starts. after the tour i am hadin up to milan, then prague and scotland.


Hi Bridget & cutekc,[br][br]I think I get into London about midday the day before the tour starts, so by the time I get to the hotel it should be mid afternoon. Even if there is no pre-departure meeting we should organise to catch up before the tour that night. How are you both going with organising everything? I am struggling a little in between working, trying to study for my exams and organising all the little details that I appear to have no idea about. Everyone keeps asking me questions and I feel so clueless about everything, but I am sure it will all come together. By the way, how old are you both?


Hi Liz and cutekc, I’ll be at the Globetrotter Inn from July 7 to 11 so it’d be great to catch up with either of you when you get there! I’m 25, this is my biggest trip OS, I’ve been to New Zealand and I went to Beijing last month (won a trip). I’m busy organsing last mintue stuff as well in between working etc, think I’ve almost finshed though! [br]Cheers[br]Bridget


HI Liz and Bridget,[br][br]I am 19. I am struggling to make all the decisions that what to take… what bag/suitcase to take? what clothes?.. oh there are so many decisions! I have stayed doing a trial pack to see how much stuff i can stuff in one case with space to buy things OS. Are you guys taking a suticase or backpack? I think i have decided on taking a duffelon wheels that way i can wheel it along and also carry it up stairs easy. Have you guys got any travel hints on stuff to take? I was told to take facial wipes on the plane cos its a nice refresher; take washing powder satchels cos they are expensive over there; and heaps of plastic bags. [br][br]I am definately up for going out the night before to catch up or even in Sydney Liz,. I leave on the 27th … so soon now.[br][br]Liz- what uni are you study at? Where do you live in Sydney? I work full time in North Ryde, but i am on leave from UWS Parramatta- b business and commerce.


Hi guys,[br][br]I am taking a suitcase/backpack, it’s one of those ones that looks like a back pack (with a detachable front day pack and has the back pack straps hidden), but then it is on wheels and it opens like a suitcase, so that I am not forever pulling all of my clothes out to get to the good stuff on the bottom. I have done a semi pack, but I have realised that I missed so much stuff, so will have to start again. I was told pretty much the same as you cutekc re the face wipes, washing powder etc, but I was also given earplugs from one of my friends that travels heaps who said that they were the best purchase ever. I received all of my travel docs from my travel agent and it says something about the pre-departure meeting the night before. From memory I think it started at about 7:00.[br][br]Cutekc, I live in Penrith but work full time in the city. I study via correspondence with Charles Sturt University. I probably won’t get a chance to catch up with you in Sydney as my last exam is on the 28th so you will already be gone by then. But like I said the pre-departure meeting is on the night before so that will be a great place to catch up with you guys.[br][br]Anyways, seriously not long to go now. I am not sure if I am nervous or excited!!! Have a good one.


Hi I’m from Melbourne and travelling solo. I will be in Paris for 6 nights before the tour so if anyone is around I’d love to catch up before the tour. How exciting![br]Sabina x