European Adventure


Who’s going on this tour, departing June 30th?!


Im not going on this particular date but am booked in for this tour but for the week before ( tour starting 24th june ) cant wait!!


oh awesome a week before us! cant wait either!


hey ill be on this tour :wink: who u going with? should be amazing!


Woohoo! That’s exciting, thought my bf and I were the only ones lol 5 months to go and counting! Cant wait. Are you travelling solo?


haha yeah hopefully a few more get amongst it! yeah by myself :slight_smile: how old u guys? how long u travellig for?


Oh cool! We’re leaving NZ at the end of March and working in London up until the tour and then where ever after that really! Its our first big trip so super excited! :slight_smile: We’re both 23. Wbu?


oh beauty, yeah im doing same but leaving aus on june 24th so this is at the start! yeah same 23 :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of doing one late june. but not sure about the whole camping issue. I’ve done a euro trip before with Contiki and that was a mix of hostels, hotels, Contiki villages. my main issue is not really sleeping. you don’t go to Europe to sleep, but where do you put your stuff, where do you shower, go to the bathroom, what happens if it rains, is your stuff secure when your out on tour. any help would be great.