European adventure


hello !

Im hoping to get some feedback/review on the european adventure tour or any camping tours with topdeck.
I have tried to find reviews online but find it really hard! Any suggestions, dos, donts would be awsome.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


If you go to the actual European adventure page on the Top Deck website, you will find under the ratings a link to read the full reviews:



Also, for camping trips generally, my general advice is to pack everything a week out and then look at what you’ve got two days before you go and chuck stuff back on the bed and don’t take it!

A general list for travelling in summer (winter has a completely different packing list ):

  • Undies and bras for 4 days
  • 3 t-shirts (in a light colour, they wash better in the laundromats over there)
  • 1 dress (lightweight that can be worn out to restaurants, Monaco etc)
  • 2 pairs shorts
  • 1 pair long pants (I don’t recommend jeans as they take forever to dry. Think of a pair that contains some polyester which will dry quickly)
  • Cossies - you only need 1
  • Sarong (which can double as a pillow on the beach and in the tent, and also as a long skirt in those places that require women to have below the knee stuff on, or as a shawl if you’re going somewhere where women can’t have tank tops on)
  • Good enclosed shoes
  • Pair of sandals/flats (again that you can walk in)
  • One warm jacket that is lightweight
  • Hat
    *Poncho (plastic one that you can buy for $2 at Woolies)
    As for toiletries etc, to each their own. But if you’re on a camping tour, you’re going to need a camping towel. Also a bar of Sunlight soap, which you can use to handwash. And a camping clothes line - we strung ours up in the tent which meant that our towels would dry overnight, as did any hand washing we had done.

While the camp grounds aren’t in the heart of town, it usually gives you an opportunity to experience the local public transport.

Also, buy wine/beer etc at a supermarket - much cheaper than a liquour store, and it’s always nice to drink/share around dinner.


Hello, Thank you for all your replies :slight_smile:

European adventure is the tour with Topdeck that I am going on next year 2013.
I have read the reviews that have been sugessted and they have been helpful. Thank you.

Anyone out there in particular that has expirence on ANY of the camping tours around Europe ? :slight_smile: