European adventure!


Anyone else going on this tour?? I just booked my tickets, so excited! I reckon the extra days and countries are worth the camping… I was going to go on the Grand European but the extra time just made up my mind :smiley:


Hey, I’m also going on this your departing may 22nd. What’s the date your tour begins?


Hi, I’m going on the one departing June 5th. It gets back in July which I reckon is pretty good timing, in Europe right at the height of summer :slight_smile:
Do you know what you’re going to take for this one?


I will be going for this trip on European Adventure May 22, i am very excited and going to get my Visa sorted… I will be happy to know more about my travel partners ;D


I’m going on this trip too! :slight_smile: on june 5th but not the whole tour i’m only doing from Paris to Italy! (western crossing)


i am heading on this tour on the 19th june. booked it last week, getting really excited about it now!anyone else goin on the 19th june?


Hey Clady6! I’m on this tour departing June19th also! Super excited and relieved that I’ve finally found another person on this tour!


hey clady6 and kaylee3 i am also on the tour from the 19june


Hey if you guys have facebook private message me.


Hey Guys. i am also on the tour leaving May 22nd traveling solo. Im so excited! :slight_smile:


finally found some people that are goin on the tour, myself and my girlfriend are heading over to London on the 18Th, where goin to stay in the clink hostel so it will be handier for the pick up in the morning! 4 weeks away now getting excited! ;D


Is there anyone departing from london on the 31st May doing the western spirit to rome? Im solo so starting to get nervous as i dont know anyone :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Can anyone tell me about this trip? I cant find hardly anything on it! looking at going on May 6th this year! Any tips? WHat was the weather like? What were the tents bathrooms ect like!??? Thanksss!