European Adventure vs Europe Unplugged


I would just like to hear from anyone that has done either of these trips, which one works out better time wise etc.
I am looking into more so the 34 day tour because you see so much.
My main questions are:
What is the camping style of tour like? It is my husband and i going together
And are the topdeck tours mainly about partying? if your not so much into that are there other options?
What is a better time to do this trip, weather wise?

Help with this topic would be great. We are very keen to do this trip for my husbands 30th birthday. I think it is very well priced for 34 nights i am willing to camp it out to see that much of Europe.


Hi there,

I havent done either of these trips but I have done a Topdeck tour before. My husband and I are doing part of the Europe unplugged tour this year (Northern Nomad 30th July, this is the last half of the EU tour).

We did the Greek Island Hopper in May last year and we had about 5 or 6 couples and about 4 single people on the tour (the explorer tours have smaller groups that the other Topdekc tour). We had such a great time! Sure we had nights where we went out and partied and watched the sun come up but we had nights where we sat and drank and talked on the balcony. We also had nights when hubby and I broke off for the group and went off and did our own thing for the night.

The best time to do any trip in Europe, especially camping in June - September. Like I said I havent done these particular tours but as long as you dont mind camping, dont let the couple thing put you off. Also might be worth noting that my hubby and I are 22 and we were the youngest on our tour, most people were 25 - 32 :slight_smile: