European Adventure tour, 20th May 2012


Hi :slight_smile:
Is anyone else traveling on the European Adventure tour starting May 20th? ;D


Hi Amy!
Me and my friend are on that tour too :slight_smile:
what are your plans pre and post tour?


Hi Ash! :slight_smile:
Great! I am not 100% sure about plans before and after, but I do know I am definitely staying on after the tour to travel some more, probably staying in Paris for a while. What are your plans?



Just thought I’d jump in here and say I’m also doing the tour :slight_smile:


exciting!! not long to go now ;D I have booked to stay at the clink hostel i night pre tour and 2 nights post tour. Im thinking along the same lines, I want to continue traveling more after the tour just not sure where to or how long etc!


I also think I am going to stay at the Clink hotel one night pre tour :slight_smile: can’t wait!! ;D Most of my plans for after the tour are not set in stone either, just kind of going to see what happens :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Myself and a friend (both kiwi girls) are also on this trip - also staying at Clink the night before and after the trip! There’s a couple others who have linked via Topdeck’s ’ Meet Others’ App on Facebook!


Hi everyone,

Rachel here. Been on Topdeck before. For all the new ones traveling YOU WILL HAVE A TIME OF YOUR LIFE.
I’m traveling with my husband. Oh, bother that says like I’m 50!!! No…27 and loves to travel and living life.
We are looking forward to the trip. Yes I’m bringing my other half to put up the tent. hehehe. Camping well… it was his idea. But I am just glad I’m going to Paris 1st time and London 2nd time. If anyone needs help getting around London just let me know. I know we are meeting at Click, but we are staying at Umi other meeting point for topdeck.

So looking forward to seeing everyone in London 50 days and counting down.




I’m on the budapest to big ben trip with a friend so we will meet you for the last bit of your trip. We are both staying in the clink for 3 nights afterwards.




I’m joining you in Rome for the second half as Eastern Pathways. Spending a couple of days in Rome beforehand. Super excited! Are you travelling solo or by yourself?