European Adventure September 2012


Hey Everyone, I’ve just booked on for the European Adventure departing 09 September 2012 - is anyone else booked on for this tour? I’m flying solo, so a little apprehensive, so would love to “know” someone else that is going on this trip.

I am so excited! I know it is a year away, but it’s something to look forward to :slight_smile:


Hey Chantal !

I also am signed up on this tour and am just as exicited as you are !! :slight_smile:
I’m traveling with my boyfriend but I want to get to know everyone before too!!
do you have a facebook?


Hi Meghan, yup definitely but I have intermittent access, so best stick to here I reckon. So looking forward to travelling around Europe. When do u get into London and where are you staying? I’m on a 2 week trip around the UK first and haven’t booked my Accomm in London yet.


I’m not really sure what were doing about accomidation but I think we will be getting to London on the 7th or 8th.
Any idea on where your staying? I havent really looked into anything yet


I’m on another tour and get back into London the night before we leave, so it looks like I’ll have to cab it from our end point to the starting point for the next trip (which eminds me, I have to book that accommodation - it’s the place where our trip departs from the next day.)


That’s exciting to be on another tour first !
I think that’s also where we will be staying since we are just planning on arriving the day before we leave.
It is the clink hostel right?


Yeah, I think so. So can’t wait!


Hey Meghan, just booked my flights! Arriving in London on the 25th of August, departing London 16th October. What are your plans after our tour arrives back in London?


I haven’t booked my flights yet but the plan is to arrive in London September 8th and stay in Amsterdam at the end of the tour for an extra week. So I won’t be returning to London with the rest of the tour group :frowning: