European adventure May 8th 2016


HI there,
I’m a solo traveler from Canada and was hoping to find someone who might be going on the same trip :smile:
Please reply if you are on this trip


I am a solo traveler from Australia, I will be on this tour :smile:


Hi there nbond, it’s very nice to know/ talk to at least one other person on this trip before going :smile:


I’m using the topdeck app on my phone which has a chat for only people on their own tour :slight_smile: also has all the details of the tour.


Definitely good to chat to another person, this is my first solo travel trip!
I tried logging into the app on my phone but there seems to be an error at the moment, hopefully I can use it soon :slight_smile:


This is my first solo trip too so we are in the same boat :blush: hope to chat more over the days leading up. Are you doing just the European adventure, another tour or keeping some open time after tour on your own?


Excellent! Good to meet another person new to solo travel, I wont have to freak out on my own haha. I am in London on my own 4 days prior to the tour starting, then doing the European Adventure Tour, after that I start the Britain & Ireland Topdeck tour which commences on the 12 June for 14 days, from there on I have open time to backpack around until August :smile: have you got much plans yet?


I land in London roughly 4 days before the tour as well and honestly I’ve been looking at the Britain and Ireland tour! Just working on the money at the moment haha but I have to fly back by July 1st as I start work again :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! Well the Britain and Ireland tour finishes on the 25 June so if you do decide to do that tour I will be there too haha I will most likely be staying at the Wombats City Hostel, where the Europe tour starts from for the 4 days prior and spend time wandering around London :smile:


Yeah, I’m trying to get to Ireland Britain…I have family in Scotland to take me in as a place to stay, but really want to do the whole celtic thing :smile: I’m also a nerd and want to go to Disneyland in Paris haha


Having family over there must be cool! At least you’ve got another option if you don’t do the tour. Haha yes I am a nerd too! I am planning on doing the Harry Potter studio in London in my few days before the Europe tour starts :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I’m planning on doing that too just don’t know when :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey nbond,
Have you been able to get the topdeck app working?
If not you can find me on Fb under kylene bell