European Adventure May 15th 2016


Hey guys :slight_smile: I’m doing the European Adventure May 15th & looking for anyone else who is going to be on the same tour! This is my first time travelling alone & would love to meet some people before hand :slight_smile:


Finally! Someone on my tour :blush:
I am also doing the European Adventure :blush:


@Rebbeccaaa Its so hard to find people! Every other tour is jumping except ours haha


I’m sure ours will pick up when the tour gets closer! :smile:


Have you signed up on the Top Deck App @btolson ? There is a chat section on there which I’m assuming everyone from our trip can log into :smile:


Hi guys, I am going on this trip, travelling solo. Have been to Europe before on a short trip. Very excited for this one.


Not long now :blush:
Where are you traveling from?


Hi Everyone. I will be joining this tour in Paris. Can’t wait :grin: . Where are you all travelling from?


Hi Rachel,
I’m traveling from NSW :blush: What about yourself?
I have started a Facebook page for our tour under European Adventure 15th May 2016 if you’d like to join :blush:
Looking forward to meeting you :dancer:


Hey guys, my sister and I are doing this tour and super excited to meet everyone! @Rebbeccaaa, did you end up making a facebook page? I just had a browse but cant seem to find it on there :smile: Not long to go guys :grin:


Hi there @Shanna_102000 :blush: I did its under European Adventure 15th may 2016.
I’m excited to meet you guys! How special, traveling with your sister!
Where are you guys from? :blush:


We are from Perth, WA :smile: @Rebbeccaaa, do you mind sending me the link for the facebook page, for some reason it just isnt coming up when i search it? :flushed:
Also, just wondering if anyone booked their tour through a travel agent because i am trying to sign up to the topdeck app but i have no idea which number is my booking ref number on my travel agents invoice, there are like 5 different numbers and none of them are working…technology must just hate me today!

#13 Here is the link @Shanna_102000

I’m from NSW, :grinning: I get into London on the Thursdsy before the tour staying at Wombats.
My booking reference starts with TA… Followed by numbers :grinning:
Hope that helps


I booked mine through a travel agent & had to call up topdeck to get my number to use the app :slight_smile:


I also called about mine, but my travel agent was able to provide it :blush: