European Adventure May 1


I have just booked my 34 day European Adventure tour starting the 1st of May.
Travelling Solo, is anyone else doing this tour?


Hey Molly

My names Sophie and i’m from New Zealand im also doing this trip in May! super excited but also Nervous! I’m Traveling solo Aswell and im 18 years old, thought it would be nice to get to talk to some of the people doing the same topdeck before we get there :smile:


Hey Sophie,

How awesome are you getting excited? I am the same age as you :smile:


Hey Molly
sorry for my late reply! yeah pretty excited but also nervous :smile:
aw cool i was worried i was going to be really young on the trip!

Do you Have Facebook? we should chat on there way easier haha


Yeah sure do! It’s Molly Rogerson :slight_smile:
My profile picture is me and my boyfriend, he has a blue shirt and red tie on if that is any help :slight_smile: