European Adventure June 2 (&western crossing)


hey everyone! me and my boyfriend are 21 and from Canada and will be going on this tour in June! we are so excited… first time over seas!!
it would be cool to talk to some people on the same tour before we get there, so anyone else on this tour? :slight_smile:


Anyone else planning to go on this trip?? ::slight_smile:


Hi there!

Myself and my best friend are going on this trip as well :slight_smile: We are from Brisbane, Australia and both 22 years old. So freaking excited! Its my first trip overseas so I cannot wait. Are you staying in London much before hand? We are staying at Clink for three nights before departure so hopefully will be able to meet up with some people from the trip :slight_smile:


Oh hey stacey!!

We’re so freaking excited toooo! First time over seas also :slight_smile: … and we have booked for 2 nights before the tour departure at clink78 in london. We can definitely meet up, with the other topdeck ppl on this tour also, and go out to a pub or something while in London!!

its all going to be so much fun!!

Can’t wait :))


2 months and 1 week to go!! :slight_smile:


8 Weeks now :slight_smile: Eek :slight_smile: Wonder if there are many other people booked on this tour yet.


Ahh! Stacey, you mentioned you booked 3 nights at the clink 78? We have booked 2 nights there :slight_smile:
I cant wait!
Are yu planning on doing any of the optional activity things?
I really want to go sky diving but its pretty expensive!


Hi im Talya:) I moved over to England in January from Australia, my best friend is coming over and we’re doing this tour! Emily is from Brissy as well im 20 and shes 22!
We really look forward to meeting everyone! :smiley: 47 days to go!! :smiley:


Oh Yay! It’s exciting meeting someone else on here!
What did you move to England for in January?
My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Clink78 2 nights before the trip! will you and your friend be staying there also? :slight_smile: