European Adventure - July 22nd


Hello, is any one booked for the camping tour departing London 22nd July?


Yes me! Im getting pretty excited already. Are you booked on this too?


Hi Nicole :slight_smile:
Yes I booked last year. I love camping so I am super excited to camp around Europe.
When do you arrive in London?
Are you staying at Clink the night before the tour?


Hi There,

My Partner (24) and I (25) have booked on the Euro Adventure leaving on 22nd July too! Getting very excited, only 4 months now!

Our Home Town is Townsville but we left 18 Months ago to Travel around Australia, however we have lived in Darwin the last 18 months as we keep booking overseas trips! This is our next BIG exciting trip before we actually pack up and Travel the rest of Oz… for however long it takes us!

Our Friends live in London so it’s good we will have them to see and stay with but it might be worth while staying at the Clink since our Tour leaves quiet early???

Any Tips of what to pack??



Hi Eliza!
I grew up just down the road from the Ville in Bowen (please don’t hold that against me :() live & work in Brisbane now :slight_smile:
I think that it would be safe to stay at Clink the night before, because i read somewhere we depart at 6am?? I could be wrong, but i think most people would stay the night before the tour?

What to pack…are you travelling with a backpack or suitcase?

I am taking a suitcase only because a friend pointed out that in a backpack you have to pull out everything just to grab at one item. This was his main frustration when he was travelling.
This is my shortlist:
quick dry towel
pillow case
sleeping bag
Good quality poncho
warm socks
1 pair of heels
2 nice out fits for nights out on the tow n (cant wait for the casino in Monaco!!)
1 pair of sports shoes
headphones that block out noise
Neck pillow
Pepper spray???

Also, I have been reading other forums and someone said that stopping at all the servo’s for toilet breaks & food can be quite exy…so i am planning to always have tin food & fresh bread so i am not wasting my money. Its roughly 15-20euro for something to eat with a drink!!
I am doing my Europe trip on a very TIGHT budget, so I cant afford that :frowning:

Have you and Davo booked any other tours?

I am heading to Spain for La Tomatina after our European adventure, then go sailing in Croatia in September…oh and of course Oktoberfest :slight_smile:

So pumped for Europe, my eyeballs can’t wait to see everything!!!hahah!


Hi Dee,

Wow that’s a crazy small World (happens to us quite a lot!), my cousins used to Live in Bowen and my family spent alot of time down there back in the Day. And Davo actually spent his post schooling years and started his Apprenticship there so it sounds like we will have a bit in common, and more than likely know a few of the same people! We both love Bowen so we definitely wouldnt keep it against you… although I do know what you mean :slight_smile:

Look like we will have to book at the Clink on the night before, I will have to get cracking and sort that out.

Your tips on what to Pack are GREAT - thanks, I’ve been adding little bits to my notes that I read and hear. Dave always tells me I pack too much and I definitely don’t want to do this on this trip. We both treated ourselves at Christmas and now have a Wheelie Backpack which opens like a suitcase so its perfect! We have tested them out when we went to Bali/Singapore and jam packed they are only about 15kgs so we are sweet.

We haven’t booked any other Tours but plan on going up to Scotland and Ireland in the 2 weeks after our trip, not sure how yet but we will sort that somehow. We have alot of Irish friends here in Darwin so we have been told we have plenty of places to make sure we visit and stay. Even the Boys have told me we have to go see their “Mammy” and say helllo for them! Sounds like you have some amazing trips booked after… very jealous!! Once you get the Travel Bug you don’t want to come home… we are itching to get around the rest of Aust, but i keep booking O/S holidays! And I’m sure we will want to go on more once get a taste of Euro…

Great to be in touch with someone else on our Tour, I am going to have a look on Facebook and see if there is a Link to this Tour also…

Good tips with the Food idea too… Dave is always hungry so I was wondering how i was going to curve the $, I will have to give him a Warning before we leave the City before!

Nice Chatting Dee - Not long now!!! yeooooowwwww