European adventure july 17th 2016 - August 19th 2016


Hey, just booked this trip solo! :blush:

Very keen to meet people who are also going. I’m getting into London the day before (if anyone is up for some site seeing) and doing a bit of traveling in spain before another tour afterwards.

Can’t come quick enough :raised_hands:



I’ve booked this trip and will also be traveling solo from NZ! Will definitely be keen to do some sightseeing :smile:

So excited to meet everyone!


hey guys! I’m a fresh little 18 year old going solo on this trip to!
I’m super keen and cant wait to meet you all :smiley: :ok_hand:
Ill be in London a couple days before our trip doing some sightseeing and head back home the day after our trip!


Awesome, seems like such a long time from now :pensive: haha, look forward to meeting you guys!


I agree, it does seem so far away haha. Where are you guys staying prior to the trip? :smile:


Just created this closed group for us, so we can talk details and hopefully other people traveling with us will find it, we can use it to share photos and stuff after our tour too! :blush: speak soon


Thinking of doing this trip solo!! Just got broken up with boyfriend of 4 years so need a getaway, good to know other solo people my age are going :smile:


Hey just booked and finally paid off this tour myself! First time I have ever been out of NZ and Auzzie and I have booked this epic trip!
So excited!! Cool idea that they have this forum on here so that we can all chat before we go!
Nice to meet you all xx