European Adventure Dep 3rd July 2011


Hey Everyone :slight_smile:

My name’s Annie and i’m booked in for another european adventure with Top Deck. Last time i went was in 2008, and it was epic! Best time of my life, so i’m pumped to finially get the chance to go back. Hooray!

I’m from Wollongong.

Funny story… last time i went the tour guide’s name was Rob Carr. He was also from Wollongong, and after several conversations we realised that he used to work with the travel agent that booked by tour, and also went to the same University as me. Small world syndrome.

Anyways, he has since come back to the Gong and now works at the Uni as a lecturer, and were great friends :slight_smile:

So i’m putting it to Top Deck that they need to employ Rob to a celebrity tour, and be the tour guide for our tour.

Come on everyone…chant with me… ROB! ROB! ROB!