European Adventure August 2018



I’m Rachael! I’m 24 and from NZ. I have just booked in for the European Adventure August 2018… anyone else chosen the same? I’ll be travelling solo, but from the looks of it, most people do this too. I know we are a little way out yet but it would be cool to see who else is interested/booked to go!

also anyone that has done a camping style trip before - any information would be good!

Look forward to hearing from you
Rach :slight_smile:


I’m Kristy, I’m 23 and from Australia!
I’m doing the European Adventure in August too!
What are you most looking forward to seeing?


Oh awesome! What date do you leave?

I’m most looking forward to skydiving over the Swiss alps! It looks unreal!


I leave the 1st of august to London have a few days there before the tour on the 5th!
That’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to as well!
And Plitvice Lakes!


I’m currently booked on the 19th of August tour but contemplating moving to the 5th as it is guaranteed!

Add me on Facebook if you want - Rachael Lorraine