European Adventure August 2016


Hey Team,
I’m travelling on European Adventure, kicking off 7th August. I’m travelling solo, so just wondering who else out there has booked this tour??


Hey, my best friend and I are doing this trip in August. We’re from the Central Coast. Where about are you from?


Hey Emily,
I’m coming from Hamilton, NZ. Have you decided if you’l stay at Wombats the night before departure?


Hey i’m on this tour … well from London to Rome, they call it Western Crossing… But it’s apart of the Euro Adventure. I’m flying solo as well!.. but it’s a awesome way to travel

i’ll be around in London for a couple days before the tour


Yeah we are staying Wombats the night before. Less than a month to go :slight_smile:


Should all have a couple of drinks the night before, i’m unsure if there is a offical pre-meet drinks and check in. I’ll be at Wombats as well the night before


My brother and I are doing this trip August 7th too and we are staying at the Wombats Hostel a for a few nights before too!


Hey, sorry been travelling with limited wifi. Anthony did you end up making a page?


Just created the tour fb group:

i did post up a link earlier, but I realised it was a page! not a group…lol


Hey! I won’t be getting to wombats until that morning now sorry, I’m sure you will find some of the others there if your staying the night :slight_smile:


Hey, whose around today ? Everyone I’ve met here is on another tour lol