European Adventure- 7th of August



Was just wondering if anyone else is booked for the European Adventure departing the 7th of August!?
It would be cool to have a chat and know some people from the tour :slight_smile:
and also find out what everyone else is doing as far as packing and money etc
Its my first time doing a tour so excited but nervous!



Hi Amelia,

My boyfriend and I will be on the tour with you! So excited to get over there! I’ve never been to Europe before so i can’t wait!

I’m not sure how often I’ll be checking this forum, so add me on facebook if you like, and we can chat. only 9 weeks til we’re there!!



My friend Suzi and I are on that tour! see you then :slight_smile:


Hi Amelia

Just wondering if you needed to book a hotel the night we get back - 9th September? I have booked a room in London Farringdon travel lodge, which is a 1 min walk from where we get dropped off. But they have charged me for 2 rooms and won’t refund. So I have a spare hotel room that I’m trying to sell if you are interested? it’s £40 for a double room, so if there are 2 of you it will be cheaper than staying at the Clink Hostel, which is £30 each!

I’m getting really excited now!



Im also booked for the european adventure, but leaving the tour in amsterdam and heading back to paris. It’s my first time overseas as well. Can’t wait to meet you all.


Yes i am,
Add me on fb if you wanna chat… i leave on the 4th and have planned NOTHING! is anyone staying in london befor or after? would be good to have a dinner or something before hand.
Looks like this trip has alot of girls!



I’m getting to london on the 4th, and staying the couple days at the clink hostel, till the 7th when we get on the tour. Im getting really excited now, im in adelaide add me to fb as well, eliza thackray


Hi! I’m on this tour too!
I’ll be staying in Clinks’ other hostel Clink261 on the Saturday night before we go.
Who is travelling alone?